I have a tumultuous relationship with my “self.” I have a more tumultuous relationship with how my self is represented in the new medium of real life called the internet. I’ve left my facebook profile for the people. Not in a, like, occupy my facebook! #fuckpigs sorta way, but more in a barren post-apocalyptic world sorta way where anyone can start anything because the infrastructure exists but the rules don’t. Think of it as the Detroit of the internet.

But I understand that people like to have a link of a show that they can refer to with the information that is pertinent.

Here’s that information:

Bad Feelings

Date and Time:
November 5th, 7pm — $15, $12 for students

Under St. Marks.



Bad Feelings is a storytelling show started by Nisse Greenberg two years ago to explore those stories that we want to tell, but that don’t wrap neatly into the packaged narrative we usually tell about our lives. Bad Feelings is about those stories that happened and are true, but feel alienating to the person telling them. We’ll explore stories of realizing that you are not the person you pretend to be, and that you are not a part of the club you wanted to be a part of.
Bad Feelings is a storytelling show meant to give opportunity for performers to explore those stories that we don’t tell. It is a place to expose the moldy part of our emotional fridge that we hide from guests when we typically perform. Performed in a discussion format, Bad Feelings becomes a safe space to look into the root cause of the mold and see if it’s okay. And if it isn’t, we’re human and we mold easily. These are the stories that make us feel small. These are the stories that when we look back and attempt to recreate the events, we think: that can’t have been me who was playing the part of me back then – that person is unrecognizable. Bad Feelings is a show that makes you want to talk to people because if you are alone with your thoughts they might lead you somewhere you weren’t ready for. Bad Feelings is a show that makes you want to be alone because you can’t imagine a world in which talking to others turns out well.
Bad Feelings is the turkey vulture of storytelling shows – picking apart those dead carcasses that we’ve locked in our memory-closets until the action of picking at them gives them life again – makes them dance under our prodding beak.
This month:

Andy Christie,
Sherry Weaver,
Susan Kent

Bad Feelings doesn’t make you feel good. It makes you feel bad.

This show is presented by The Tank! Which is awesome!


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