Technology is pushing us to an ironic standstill. We can’t focus on anything and instead stay petrified in an unfocused stagnation – keeping 12 tabs up of articles we won’t read because we’ll have to update our javamanualreader in order to play that video we found of conspiracy theories on how conspiracy theories are formed. As technology advances permanence declines.

Let’s take an example.

Our phones have become lifelines to recipe books, gardening advice, music, your wallet, etc. and we pay rent for them. We pay a marginal fee each month that seems like it’s a good deal because it makes everything else free. But all of those things would be single time payments that allow for ownership – that allow you to hold onto a thing that fills itself with memories instead of furthering our own dependence on renting our lifelines. We are simply pushing ourselves deeper into debt and refusing to allow ourselves an out – to run off into the woods where nobody acknowledges that success is correlated to recognition and you can just grow a garden and bake breads while listening to your record collection as it bounces off the log cabin that you and your rocking chair reside inside of.

1. New York is a hard time.

2. I’m done, get me out of this.

3. Can you show me art that isn’t related to you ranting about technology?