How can Nisse Greenberg help you?

Maybe NG can make you soup. You have to want help to be helped. Find a desire that a human with a fetish for talking, listening, and himself can be helpful during and NG will be there to fulfill your desire.

What kind of payment can I give to feel comfortable accepting Nisse Greenberg into my life?

Communication is the key to any transaction. Friendship, food, and ideas are the most common exchanges given for NG. The preference with ideas and friendships is that they are based in food. For example, if you would like NG to regale a group of your peers with stories of NGs of the past, it would be nice if you offered a new way of cooking fennel. If you would like NG to function as a collaborator, it is recommended that you discuss the collaboration at a diner and spend most of the time talking about whether an egg and cheese is better on rye or an english muffin.

What can’t Nisse Greenberg do?

Anything that doesn’t involve consent. Consent is very important when utilizing NG.

How do you pronounce Nisse Greenberg?

Man and wife. But not in like a gender-binary sorta way. I just thought it was a funny joke. Because people don’t know how to pronounce my name, but also sometimes people say that in weddings that are in movies. But then NG got self-conscious about his hetronormativity. NG is typically self-conscious.

Is Nisse Greenberg a vegetarian?

Yes. Ethnically. But NG really hates rules.

Is there anything I shouldn’t eat with Nisse Greenberg?

Swiss Cheese. But if it’s melted, then it’s okay. Or if you really want to eat swiss cheese. I just don’t really like the taste very much. But, bad tastes are important too.