Nisse Greenberg is a multi-use human who’s most helpful in places where narcissism and vulnerability are necessary. Or, at least, wanted.

Nisse Greenberg is most regularly used as a storyteller:

Dingmantics Podcast

StoryCollider Podcast

The Whole Story Podcast

Modern Stories Podcast

First Person Arts Podcast

Nisse Greenberg has also been used to create shows in spaces:

Drawn Out Storytelling
Was a show about collaboration. It was a storytelling show at it’s heart, but it involved a live band and comic book artists all working together to bring you one person’s story.

Bad Feelings
Is an outlet. An ongoing outlet of finding people who want to tell stories that they don’t want to tell because somehow the stage is safer than the real world.

VHS Presents:
Is nostalgia as an effort to disrupt the future. It’s a storytelling show where people share videos they made that they are embarassed about and tell the stories as to why they were that person. If you want to find out when the next one is: email me or check the Videology Calendar. We don’t have a website because there weren’t websites back then, man!!!

Nisse Greenberg can be used to write to make your internet more exciting:

The Faster Times

Fantasy Basketball

Nisse Greenberg can turn your math into magic:

Math: An Empowering Manipulation of Collective Perceptions of the Natural World 

Self Analysis through Statistics: Attempting the Impossible