11/19/17 – World War Water – An exploration of time colonization and its relationship to water privatization and our ongoing apocalypse.
1/9/17 – Solve for Why – A treatise on math education and the role and history of the calculator.
10/1/16 – A Lens, an Experience, a Timeline, and the Ever-Reflecting Response Between Popular Television and Class Structure in America – That seems like enough.
3/9/14 – Political Poetry Set to the Music of Academia – A satire of academic writing that I also believe wholeheartedly.

Use of the Internet:
10/5/14 – Beavers – What I learned from volunteering for Acadia National Park as a high schooler.
7/10/14 – 504 Shades of Pooh – A self-analysis test based on Winnie the Pooh and my grandmother, the kindergarten teacher.
1/22/14 – 14hoursinabudhabi – My response to my grandmother dying.

Audio Projects:
1/17/17 – Working Class – A 3 episode podcast to investigate privilege, art, and capitalism.
5/8/16 – Bad Feelings – A 2 part audio project to explore the feelings that make me feel bad.

Show Production/Direction:
10/11/17 – How Hard? – A Panel Discussion and Storytelling show for the Speak Up, Rise Up Festival about the role the court plays in the Prison Industrial Complex.
9/7/17 – INHSU 2017 – A Storytelling performance at the International Hep-C Conference presenting people who are affected by the epidemic.
10/5/15 – Bad Feelings – A monthly storytelling show about feelings that are bad.
10/9/12 – Drawn Out Storytelling – An expansion of the form of storytelling through comic books and music.

Personal Performance:
6/15/18 – Stories of Complicated Dads – A Story Collider story about my father’s stay in the hospital.
9/27/16 – Attack – First Person Arts story about an anxiety attack.
9/13/16 – Too Far – First Person Arts story about my struggles with monogamy.
4/30/16 – Episode 16: Modern Stories – My story about my first week in NYC.
3/5/16 – Eighth Grade – A solo show about the worst time in everybody’s life.
9/22/15 – Second Opinion – First Person Arts story about my relationship with my dad and being an only child.
9/16/15 – School Days – A middle school story told at Tell Me A Story.
8/10/15 – The Fast Lane – Moth story about a high school accident.
10/17/14 – What’s in a Name? – A Story Collider story about my first year teaching math.
5/11/13 – Mommy – Moth story about my mother.
11/17/10 – Two Standard Deviations – A Story Collider story about college.
5/15/10 – A Capitalist? – Moth story about my first adventures in NYC.