Depressed, Horny, Lazy

Why life on mars seems like a lot of work

The hot neighbor on Life on Mars came back! It is by far the most exciting thing I’ve had happened to me. Windy is her name. She’s the hippie chick that I almost put on my CILF list but I didn’t think she counted because she was only on a couple episodes.. T he show as about  someone pulling a vigilante. Windy seems to be a figment of the main character’s imagination. Since he’s been thrown back into 1973, we take it for granted that some fantastical shit’s gonna happen. 

Anyway, Windy represents the fun crazy side of Agent Tyler’s life. Gretchen Mol’s character of Annie represents the settling for the comfortable option. In the end of the episode Tyler realized that Windy was real but he ended up with Annie and that was supposed to be a relief to the audience. We were all supposed to end the episode and go: “Thank god, they’re finally together!” I ended the episode feeling like I needed to re-watch the scenes with Windy with a bottle of lube. And also I ended the episode feeling disappointed in Agent Tyler. 

Why would you settle for something dull when you could have something fun that might not last. Fun that doesn’t last is followed by something new. Something new = something fun. I have friends getting married and I just found out that my ex-girlfriend from high-school is engaged. I’m too lazy to get in a relationship and I find eating a quesodilla with jizz in it to be more exciting than sleeping with somebody that I have to see the next day. Minnesota is draining.


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