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Why facebook words seem like a lot of work

My friend just showed me Facebook Lexicon, which allows you to see graphs of how often a word is typed by day. These are my favorite facts.

1) People talk about sex a lot on May 30th

2) People typically use the word “boobs”, but between Sep. 19th and Sep. 28th 2008 there was a huge spike in the use of the word “tits,” and around haloween people enjoy using the word “hooters”

3) People have been using swear words less and less. Except the word “cunt” which has now risen above “pussy” as the most widely used female reproductive organ word.

4) People much prefer to say that they “have sex” as opposed to “had sex.” Though “having sex” is becoming the most used.

5) “Ho” is one of the few words that gets used more on christmas. (different context) And has increased drastically since last August putting it above “bitch” and “slut.”

6) People prefer “hooker” to “prostitute.”

7) Recently “love” has overtaken “like.”

8 ) “No” is used three times more than “Yes.”

9) People type “happy” on new years and valentine’s day. But not on February 29th. (Leap day)

10) “Sarah Palin” was talked about much more than “Barack Obama” except on election day.

11) “My dick” is talked about more than “Your dick.” But people would rather “fuck you” than “fuck me.”

12) “Your cock” had a sudden spike this last tax day.

13) “Jew” is one of the few words used more on Christmas.

14) “Homo” is becoming more prevelant than “fag.”

15) “Racism” was talked about a lot more on Nov. 5th.

16) “Hard on” is the most used word for erections.

17) Jan. 22nd 2008 was a big day for “suicide.” The only day that “suicide” was mentioned more than “murder.”

18 ) The words “fag,” “nigger,” and “kike” all have been typed enough to show up on the graphs (“nigger” having a huge spike on Nov. 5th) whereas “patriarchy,” “hegemony,” and “hetronormative” don’t show up.

19) Top restaurants: “Starbucks,” “McDonalds,”  “Subway,” “KFC,” “Taco Bell,” “Wendys”/”Pizza Hut.” (Subway might be influenced by the fact that it means something else.

20) Halloween and Valentine’s day have the most significant jumps for words like “love,” “horny,” “sexy,” and other words like that.


2 thoughts on “Why facebook words seem like a lot of work

  1. h2money says:

    some more research: Jan. 22 2008 was the day Heath Ledger died.

    Still no idea why May 30 2008 was sex-day.

  2. h2money says:

    the time when “tits” was used was also when the Bush asked for the bailout.

    That’s my theory on the causality there.

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