Why being sick seems like a lot of work

I am sick. I had a horrible sore throat mixed with constant headaches all yesterday. I went to a shitty diner – my favorite type of food. But the diner’s food seemed to have a little extra cigarette ash and blister-puss in it. I went to sleep feeling like my insides were ripping out of me and with a fever of what felt like 130. I shivered my way through the night, keeping the light on but covering my face with a blanket because that was the only amount of light that didn’t give me a headache. I woke up every hour to pee and spit large hunks of mucus that refused to disconnect from the back of my throat. Then I finally gave up and stayed awake.

I still have half of my sandwich from the diner last night. I’m feeling somewhat better, though the sore throat and headaches are still persistent, and so I’m thinking about eating the sandwich that probably gave me food poisoning. While I understand the consequences that are possibly involved, I also understand that that sandwich has already been paid for, and I’ll feel like a waste if I don’t eat it.

This conundrum is torturing me as I sit thinking about what to eat for dinner.

I’ll probably eat the sandwich – free is free.


One thought on “Why being sick seems like a lot of work

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