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Why my childhood journal seems like a lot of work

First, I need three more people to fill out my blog poll before I present my commentary on your commentary. DO IT!

I recently found my school journal from when I was 6.

Here are my favorite entries:

3/1/93 – My Dad is not sick. my Mom is not sick ethr. I was the only one in my famaly ho was sick!

3/10/93 – I like puzzl’s. Becaus they are fun.

3/16/93 – My House smells! Becaus of the piant in the indish.

3/17/93 – I Hope I can find the lepercon. Becaus I want my wish.

3/18/93 – I couldnt cath the lepercon. I wish I could. But I saw him.

3/22/93 – Tow of my frend’s sleped over. They wher brothrs!

3/31/93 – When I whent to Florida the first thing I did was I went Swiming! I went swiming lots of tims! I olso Had Potato Pankacks.

4/1/93 – I thricked my mom and dad! With a Robot costom!

4/9/93 – I do not now what to write.

5/3/93 – I like school becaus I like Mrs. Deyr.

5/4/93 I almot got run over by a duptruck, when I was coming to school.

5/5/93 – I like school becaus I like Mrs. Deyr.

5/19/93 – I dident like the RANE!

5/28/93 – I found two crhistels on the playgrond.

6/1/93 – I fell on my stair’s, today

6/2/93 – I fell on my stair’s, yesterday.

Here are some things that I have to say to 6 year old me:

1. If you are going to write “because” so much, learn how to spell it.

2. An apostrophe represents ownership.

3. If you are going to copy a previous entry, seperate them by more than two days. It’s really obviously lazy when you have two identical entries on pages next to each other.

4. So, you’re into using explanation points. Okay. That’s fine. If you are going to use two in a three sentence entry, don’t make the last sentence the unexciting one.

5. Falling down the stairs isn’t worth two day’s entries in a row.


5 thoughts on “Why my childhood journal seems like a lot of work

  1. graphicviolets says:

    6. They are called exclamation points, even if you think they are called “explanation points”. You will continue to believe this well into the future, but it’s still wrong.

      • graphicviolets says:

        I don’t proofread enough either. I wouldn’t have called you out on it had spelling mistakes not been a major topic of this post.

  2. bernie says:

    they are called exclamation points, dumbass.

    6 year old you was fun.

    and yes falling down stairs was worth mentioning twice. you probably still had an owie from the first day.

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