Depressed, Selfish

Why predictability seems like a lot of work

As fascinated as I am with the idea of suicide, I won’t do it. I tell myself that when I get old I’ll just make some grandiose exit off a building’s roof, but I know that i won’t do that. I won’t do that because it’s too expected. The way I live, people expect me to selfishly end my life without any regard to the feelings of the humans that surround me, but still demand that they pay attention to me. I don’t like that. I like the unexpected. The problem is that it is expected for a reason. Sure, I could take a bunch of pills in a bathtub and no one would see that coming, but that also seems boring. I could jump off a cliff with no one else seeing, but then no one else would see. And that seems useless.

Sure, I defy expectations sometimes sometimes, but it’s impossible to continuously defy expectations are defined as what’s most likely to happen – or at least what others perceive as most likely to happen. So for a person to constantly defy expectations, it means people don’t know them, which means they are lying to others about who they are. 

So, we have a choice of being honest and predictable or exciting and a liar. I’m gonna choose option (b) because I’m selfless and I want to entertain more people and honest predictable people make terrible characters.


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