Attention Whoring

Self Obsession (Pt. 10)

Beneath the Sheets

Grade: C

This is a very blandly written sketch that never twists or turns – something I desire in all sketches I watch. This never departs from the basic gender jokes about males and females. There is not a single line that I think is an interesting take on what we percieve to be our role in sex. So why does this get a C as opposed to something less? Because that set is awesome. The penis and the vagina are hilariously stagnant yet very dynamic. Ben’s constant move corresponding to mood was funny and the actors being forced to look at each other with only peripheral vision is a semi interesting commentary on the lack of personal connection necessary to have sex.

I don’t love this sketch, but the prop that dresses the set is beautifully done and intricate considering the lack of materials and space and time available to a college sketch comedy show.

Best Actor: The penis and vagina prop. Best Line: “My name’s Felix” (The only moderately interesting commentary is the separation of personality of the genitals and the person)

PS. I don’t remember the name of this sketch, but I think this is what it should have been called if it was not. Or: “Under the Covers” or “Undercover Lover” or just simply what we called it within the troupe: “Penis & Vagina”


2 thoughts on “Self Obsession (Pt. 10)

  1. Ben says:

    Grade: B

    Don’t be a pussy, Nisse. Grow a pair and recognize that people liked the sketch. You’re a dick for assuming that only certain inversions of gender roles are funny.

    Watchability: 2

    • h2money says:

      Don’t labial me as some sort of chode just because I have a different oclition than others. Maybe you’re the scrotum for basing your sac on the pubic opinion of cora’s friends that laughed at the “inside jokes” she made. Also, audiences are generally stupid and my pretension doesn’t allow me to agree with them because of their wang-dong-cunts.

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