Attention Whoring

Self Obsession (Pt. 12)

A Sketch Written so That Bad Comedy Could Buy a Chicken Suit

Grade: B

This sketch would be more aptly titled “A Sketch Written so that Joe Could Somehow Perform his Chicken Jokes on Stage Without Having to do a Chicken Themed Stand up Routine.” Each piece is the lengthening of a single joke. (a) The question which came first? could also imply the sexual act of cumming. (b) Wouldn’t it be funny if the Avian Bird flu was a STD for birds? (c) Doesn’t Tom Wolfe look like Colonel Sanders. (d) What do chickens call each other when they are telling each other that they are scared?

These are all decent jokes pushed to their length limit in sketch form, which only serves to make them funnier. The biggest issue with the sketch is the stupid “Two man enter, one man leave” reference thrown in purely as a reference that in no way makes the sketch funnier. The Chicken and Egg game of Ookie Cookie is the best interpretation of that joke I have ever heard, and the bait and switch of the assumption that the chickens hate Colonel Sanders (a reasonable conclusion to to come to) only to find that they hate Tom Wolfe is clever. The transition pacing was a little lacking, and the murdering chicken joke is funny only in that is a complete copy of a sketch done the year before except with chicken suits, which was lost on a fair amount of the audience because no one pays as much attention to us as we do. The last bit was funny, though I wish that the chicken had asked someone in the audience instead of the girl standing in the corner the whole time, so that we had less of a clue as to what he was being “chicken” about.

Overall, I’d say this sketch is a good egg!

Best Actor: The Chicken Suit. Best Line: “Motherfuck the Bonfire of the Goddamn Vanities!”


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