Hungry, Lazy

Sustainable Energy

I sit here eating stale popcorn because it is what is in front of me. In an hour I will have to leave to watch a five year old attempt to draw the alphabet, and I ate my last piece of bread yesterday. This means that, though my fridge is full of condiments and cheeses and other such ingredients that you might use to make a sandwich, a sandwich is not available to me. Instead I eat stale popcorn because that is what’s in front of me.

Considering that my time frame leaves me with only an hour to accomplish a meal, finding a restaurant or a grocery store is out of the question. I can tell by your annoyed smirk and furrowed brow that you are confused by this statement. You believe that an hour is plenty of time to walk outside, grab a sandwich or a slice of pizza and then continue on my way toward the appropriate subway stop. Well, you are wrong. I’m sure that it is physically possible to eat a meal and walk three blocks in an hour, but I refuse to believe that that type of energy expenditure is sustainable.

Leaving my apartment requires me to mentally prepare for the outside world. Interacting with a sandwich shop attendant requires me to mentally prepare for other people. Looking for a new restaurant to eat at requires me to mentally prepare for a thought process. Instead I’ll content myself with stale popcorn out of a bag I bought two days ago and left open behind my overheating laptop. Does it taste good? no. Does it satisfy my cravings for food? no. Am I happy? no. But, do I have to leave the comfort that is forced¬†loneliness? no.



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