Horny, Lazy


I’ve realized that I  tend to date people who are in some group with me or some play with me or some other thing where I already have some reason where I have to see them nearly daily. I could easily blame this on my laziness, but I already do that for everything else. I’m gonna blame it on my constant desire for change. My entire life is lived for the flux and with that comes a lot of groups of people. I was in or directed 13 plays in one year during college (4 in one month). My closest friends are typically not my theater or comedy buddies because theater people suck and I like being the funniest person in a group of people. This means that I have many groups of friends. I don’t want to create a new one. I don’t want to form a whole new group of people just so I can bone them. So I just pick and choose (they pick and choose me) from the cliques of people I have already infiltrated. It’s just far too much work to form new groups. I guess I’m just lazy.


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