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Super Bowl of Shit

Capitalism breeds sexism. Capitalism is the art of finding a way to tell somebody that they need something and then selling that thing for a price. What is an easy way to tell somebody that they need something? By telling them that people like them need it therefore they need it. Humans will inevitably relate to humans that look like them because sight is the strongest of our 5 senses so Capitalism tries to sell to you by putting people that look like you on screen and having them like the thing they are pitching. Therefore: Men like men things, women like women things. Really capitalism breeds binaries. And not the fun ones in the computer. Racial, gender, sexuality, etc. These binaries tell you that if you are one thing you also relate to a whole host of other things, and you can’t blame the companies for buying into these binaries because it’s good for business – if you can convince every man that he needs to drink Bud light to be a man then you sell a lot of beer.

Here we bunch together the idea that if you are a man, you must like bud light, and then for good measure we also tell you that you can’t like books and you really like boobs. There are about 16 commercials for every half hour of television so no matter how problematic a tv show might be, you aren’t forcefed it as often as commercials.

And here we get a laundry list of roles that we are supposed to abide by as men in a relationship so that we may in turn get the thing that we are supposed to want most as a man – their product. These are all super bowl ads. This is the day where capitalism reigns supreme and capitalism knows the demographic that is watching most heavily.

So then you say; “but if the demographic is already watching, aren’t they just continuing these binaries you hate so much as opposed to creating the.” You say that because you are stupid and no nothing of how humans work. Here we are even told what TV to watch as men so that next time you tune to that channel it’ll be easier for the advertisers to target their audience. It’s cyclical. Capitalism tells us what shows to watch and then advertises our products on those shows and then tells us to keep watching those shows within those advertisements.

So, how dangerous is this system? It’s just what we buy, right? If you were asking those questions, you are still stupid and you still smell like farting pubic hair. What happens next is that the people that own these tv channels get to become propaganda machines spewing out their opinions to specific demographics of people.

Capitalism is freedom? No. Capitalism is the act of creating dictators out of wealthy people.


One thought on “Super Bowl of Shit

  1. wolverine says:

    Chase that feeling. Continue to articulate it. We have a premise for our think shack.

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