Lazy, Selfish, Socialism

Running Away

I have a problem when I see trains. I always want to hop on and get off when the train comes to it’s complete stop on the other end. There’s a new place there that I am not at now with new adventures and new… everything. Stability is frightening.

I saw a guy biking around with a cigarette in his mouth and incense burning on his handlebars. He’s so anti-stability that he can’t even decide on a smell.

I respect him. He probably doesn’t have a job. Jobs force stability. Most jobs. That’s part of my desire to stay mostly unemployed at all times. The problem comes when I see homelessmen begging for change. At first I assume that unemployment and my living well within the means of a crazy person who doesn’t buy things only affects me, but then I realize that I don’t give them any money. This isn’t because I’m selfish, but because I really need every dollar I have to pay rent.

I could have a job though with real money. I could be getting significant cash every week, in which case I would probably spend about the same amount of money. But then I would be able to pay homelessmen. Instead I just run away from them.


2 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. Just because you’d be able to pay homeless people doesn’t mean you would. Maybe your newfound finances would cause you to further believe, “What the fuck? Why would I give this dude money…he doesn’t do shit.”

    I have an idea: So you like to run away from them and you’d also in theory like to give them money. Maybe you should race them…race homeless people. This gives them an incentive to not only make money, but to also get off their lazy asses and get in shape.

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