Indignant, Socialism

Capitalism = Danger

I came to the Atlantic Center to see a car stuck in the middle of the intersection as the light changed. The car didn’t stall, they were just stupid and didn’t understand how intersections worked when they weren’t perfectly perpendicular roads that were intersecting. The light changed and cars started honking and cutting each other off and almost crashing into this one idiot paralyzed by their stupidity. I was entranced by this sight. There’s the phrase about how you just can’t look away from a car crash, but an even better one would be: “it’s impossible to look away from a car crash about to happen.” I stood in the rain on the sidewalk unable to cross the street because taking away any focus from this impending accident was not going to happen.

Here’s the thing though. The chorus of honks and annoyed screaming and cut offs could have easily been avoided. Sure it could have been easily avoided if the moron who decided the middle of the intersection was a good place to test out his parking break had just not existed, but let’s keep that in the equation. When the light changed, if everybody had just waited two seconds and let the driver in the middle find his away across the road then traffic would have flowed nicely and no horns would have needed to be blared.

This is why I believe in socialism.

I get it when people question why they should have to deal with a worse life because of some other idiot, but there is a very easy answer to that question: Because you are ruining other people’s life with your selfishness and it’s dangerous. If all the other drivers had wasted that two seconds of their lives because of that moron then the rest of the drivers that day would not have had to risk their lives attempting to squeeze in between a parked dumbnut and the SUV speeding by them. Same goes with money and taxes.

I get that you don’t want to give up your hard earned money to some poor junkie who fucked up their own life, but by doing so you are saving some innocent bystander who gets stabbed by said junkie during a mugging. I know that you don’t think you should have to fund a YMCA in Harlem when you live in Nashville, but maybe that will protect your daughter when she visits NYC and there are three times as many crack dealers on the streets because it was the only option for kids in high school.

Socialism isn’t simply about selflessness. It’s about that, but it’s also about keeping America safe. So, let’s all be honest and realize that fiscal conservatives are more dangerous to our safety than any terrorist.


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