Depressed, Lonely


I love the internet because you get to keep a constant timeline of everything you do. Your browser is a robot that constantly memorizes all of your activity so that you feel as though everything you do is worth noting – everything you do is important.

I wanted to go check out the Huffington Post today. In order to do this I typically type h, u, f, and then click enter because my browser is so smart that it knows where I want to go. Because I wasn’t dilly dallying on my way there, I typed h, u, g and then hit enter. I have google chrome as my browser so by typing those three letters and hitting enter I had just googled the word “hug.” This is very embarrassing. What’s more embarrassing is that every time I attempt to revisit the liberal blog of news, I am reminded that I wanted to look for hugs online. I hope no one else wants to check out Arianna Huffington’s brain child and then assumes that I was so desperately lonely that I looked for the comfort of arms wrapped around my body through a computer.

Anyway, I spent a couple hours looking at google image results for hugs and they are depressing. God, what losers. So many people just posting pictures of hugging each other for the world to see, as if their love of each other is so great that others should look upon it and say “man, that’s what I want in my life.” I can’t believe those losers that would waste their time doing … My life is awful.


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