Hungry, Lazy

My Bed

I’m glad  to wake up in my bed. Not that I don’t usually, but on days when I have absolutely nothing that I have to do, waking up in my bed is the best. It has food near it from the last couple of nights when I decided the cupboards in my kitchen were too far away when I was going to sleep, it has my computer on it because there is no reason to let that get away from me.

Sure it smells like sweat, is covered in crumbs, and has a big indentation where my body is that is really bad for my back, but it’s so easy. Since I have no windows I don’t even have to see the beautiful day that I’m missing. I hope it’s not beautiful outside because I don’t want to be missing something.

Fuck it, what could I be missing – I have hulu, honey bbq chips, challah, and my sweaty bed.


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