Attention Whoring, Indignant

There is a World Out There. It’s Stupid.

There was a street fair outside my apartment all day. One of the things that I saw was a man-powered amusement park ride. An amusement park ride where children were swung back in forth in a pirate ship by one dude with somewhat large muscles and a bored un-smile. I knew this was important – I knew I wanted to blog about this, but I didn’t know how, so instead I am just going to list the premises I could have used.

We live in a world where we are have created electronic equipment to make people’s voices absurdly loud as they demand you sign up for free tickets to the Caribbean, but not to power other’s fun.  (It’s really about selfishness)

You can pay someone to manually create fun for others. There was even a guy acting as a fulcrum. (About capitalism being sick)

There is little difference between a playground and an amusement park – the reason amusement parks have popularity is that you have to pay for it and therefore it gives you the sense that you are doing something. (Capitalism is sick because of behavioral economics being a thing worth studying)

I also was on the subway and saw an advertisement for a new self help book by Queen Latifa, I wanted to blog about that to. Again, only in snipits.

The quote on it read: “I want to help you feel empowered and recognize the individual and innate beauty that is you.” -Q.Lat.

-People throw around empowered too often – that’s annoying.

-individual beauty?

It also said: “Diversity is beauty. Women come in all shapes and sizes.”

-Whoa! Out of left field, that had nothing to do with the rest of the advert.

-Diversity is not fat women. Not to say I don’t love fat women, just they are not a definition of diversity.

Another quote: “You too can love yourself – no matter what!”

-Disagree! Guilt is healthy. Murders should not love themselves.

– “Can?” Maybe she meant should, need?

Also: “Success… comes in second, third, and fourth acts.”

-What the fuck is that supposed to mean?


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