Betty White is Overrated

I’m a liberal. I’m also surrounded by liberals. The thing I think we are accused of that is most valid is that we love the victim. I don’t see anything wrong with that though. Rooting for the underdog is fun.

What does piss me off is when people decide they are rooting for the underdog, but don’t actually do any research as to who the good underdog is.

I like Betty White fine. She’s a funny lady. She has had this huge spike in popularity lately though because people have decided it’s cool to like old women who can be funny – as though its soooooo rare and she’s the only one. Sure, Joan Rivers has gotten some of the praise she’s deserved as part of this oldwoman fever, but where’s the love for Phyllis Diller? Bitch was fucking hilarious and she was old when she was on the Ed Sullivan show. She’s now 93 and is a constant on Comedy Central roasts being much dirtier and funnier than Betty White’s “hilariously offensive” stuff on SNL.

I don’t want to say negative things about Betty White, I just feel like this hype is undeserved and she’s become the poster girl for old women doing comedy despite the fact that she’s.. eh. Her SNL was not the best SNL of the season, Baldwin’s was. She is not the reason women were allowed into comedy, Joan Rivers is. She’s not the only old lady willing to make a joke about her twat, a lot of people are.

People think that olden times were such different times, and in a lot of ways they were. Fewer offensive things were allowed on television, and Lenny Bruce, and to a much lesser extent George Carlin helped that, but that doesn’t mean the people were that different. People still fucked. People still felt awkward about fucking. People still masturbated and felt self loathing. People were people and we forget that.

So my advice is next time you see an old person tell them a dirty joke and discuss with them the shame you felt last time you tickled your twat or played with your penis. They’ll love it. And they probably have better stories about it than you.


2 thoughts on “Betty White is Overrated

  1. Les bleus says:

    Joan’s movie was so inspirational to me. She worked through so many set backs in her career, and still has managed to be successful. Good for her

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