Hungry, Lazy


I think I forgot to eat the right amount today.

This is my eating disorder: forgetfulness mixed with laziness. Sometimes I forget to eat. Sometimes I forget to stop eating. I did both today.

Leaving the apartment, I went armed with a bag of mixed pirate’s booty, which are packing peanuts disguised as snacks by old Dorito powder. I planned on eating some of the bag on the subway to go with my slice of pizza. Since I forgot a pen though, writing wasn’t an option and eating became the only way to occupy myself.

Full on styrofoam and sour cream and onion dust, I contended myself through two therapy sessions for teens masquerading as tutoring appointments. I was hungry when I got home but I needed to work on my upcoming show, so I opted for a beer and my roommate’s saltines to hold me over until I could make dinner.

Dinner got distracted by cool dance moves with too much plot and too little acting abilities and I just ate some day old hazelnut chocolate mousse.

I think that’s all I did today… I mean, ate today.


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