Attention Whoring

All Paragraphs Start With the Letter I (A Poem?)

I haven’t shaved because it is too cold and I haven’t eaten because it’s too far.

I have played jump on my bed. It’s a game where I run toward my bed and jump on to it while making an explosion sound. It’s a pretty cool game.

I believe in fun. Fun is the act of enjoying what you are doing. The key to that is the word: “you.” Self.

In order to have fun you need to understand what causes fun. To enjoy you need to understand what you enjoy.

I have often propagated the idea that self-awareness will save us all, but that is wrong. Self-awareness will save yourself. But it will.

It will cause you to doubt and hate and fear, but all of yourself and then at least you are the cause of whatever – which then gives you the ability alter that cause.

I keep using the word “you” inappropriately.

I hate a lot of this writing because it is masquerading as important by employing a very simple aesthetic trick.

Important is relative. This isn’t important because it’s the 400th post of me telling others how to live not because I think they would be happier, but because I want people to act like me so that I don’t look so weird. But in reality I want to look weird because if I didn’t look weird then I wouldn’t stand out and I wouldn’t be able to complain.

In reality I love where I am, but being where I am involves being unhappy where I am.

I don’t understand how to live. I constantly selfanalyzedoubtworry because I enjoy thinking about important things and I am important.

Nicki Minaj wrote a love song to herself. She’s more important than me.



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