Frustration With My People

I work (for two weeks longer) as a data-temp-analyst-bullshit-worthless work. One of my jobs is where I look through the responses to handwritten survey and decide which ones are “useful.” By “useful” I mean things we can send to our newsletter to prove that alums of Teach For America are interesting. Mostly this involves putting a “1” next to people who just got married or had a kid.

“A bilingual second-grade student of mine from my first year teaching, Juan Diaz, has been the world lightweight boxing champion.  More importantly, while boxing professionaly, he also graduated from college and is currently applying to law school.”

That’s what someone said.


This is why us liberal intellectuals are idiots. “More importantly?” What good has Juan Diaz done as a boxer? Using his celebrity he has been registering voters and specifically trying to get more women voters in the Houston area. Why is applying to law school more important than that?

Law school. Ugh. Hierarchy. Gross. Academia. Eww.

I’m done.


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