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Why the third dimension seems like a lot of work

Chuck came out in 3D on Monday. I don’t have a television, but I do have a new-age-television that displays programs a day late (a computer). After some diligent research – going to – I found that the 3D version of the pseudo-comedy spy show was online.

Chuck is not a great show. It’s not even a really good show. It’s also not a really bad show. So I have watched every episode of this season, and I sure wasn’t going to miss this once in a lifetime event of watching television in 3D. Something about watching my computer perform 3D action while I lie on my bed in my boxers and eat cereal out of the box and drink soy-milk from the carton because I’m too lazy to wash a bowl and spoon felt… pathetic isn’t the right word… mind-blowing. Mind-blowing is the right word.

One problem though, I didn’t have any 3D glasses. I assumed you had to go to some grocery store and get them for free. Well Whole Foods is right next door. I didn’t really think they’d have the glasses, but it was worth a try. So, after watching Heroes, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and searching for any new shows to pass the time, I finally pulled myself out of bed and took a shower. By the time I cleaned up and convinced myself it was worth going outside, it was 4pm. Whole Foods awaits!

Of course they don’t actually have 3D glasses at Whole Foods, but I did get some free cheese samples and bought a new product they were selling – cottage cheese in single serving yogurt containers. They had different flavors too! There was Pomegranate Orange Cranberry, Cucumber Dill, and Sundried Tomato Basil Pesto.

Lately I’ve been trying to go with my second choice. My instinct always leads me to the same type of experience, and so I’ve been testing out a theory that my second choice has more variance. Maybe I won’t have my favorite option each time, but I will experience more things, and that’s important. My friend Wes once said; “At any given point, I’d rather be playing Warcraft.” While he does play a fair amount of the tower defense game, he does more than just sit in front of his monitor and pretend he’s defending the ogres from the elves… or whatever. This is because while he recognizes that each individual point of his life would be better spent playing Warcraft, the entirety of his life would be worse off if he spent it on his computer. I’ve always liked his sentence and have used it multiple times to articulate my feelings. I once used this mantra in order to tell a girl I love her with out using those four icky letters. “At any given point, I’d rather be spending it with you, but that doesn’t mean I can spend every moment with you and be happy.” I was also using it to defend the fact that I had spent the last three nights with my boys instead of with her.

Anyway, I headed on home to try my sundried tomato basil pesto cottage cheese, whose combination of flavors was depressing me more and more the more I think about how well the cranberries would have complimented the oranges, and how deliciously the oranges and pomegranates would have mixed. I sat down at my computer, stared blankly at the screen and openned up my packaged cottage cheese. It was gross, if you were wondering. I’ve never liked cottage cheese, I’m just a sucker for fun flavors, and they got me.

I searched online where I could find 3D glasses to watch this decent spy-comedy and came up with this list of establishments.

There is a CVS and a Roundy’s establishment down on university which is 1.6 miles away. I guess I wasn’t doing that today. I convinced myself that it was because the website had said that CVS only carried them in select stores, and the Rainbow foods may be a Roundy’s associate, but I’m not sure if they count as Roundy’s enough to carry 3D glasses. I didn’t want to walk nearly two miles on a trip that could be fruitless. Also, it was already dark outside, and I don’t want to make any trips in the dark. I might as well make dinner and try to go to sleep.

I made dinner – again cereal and soymilk out of their containers – tried to call up some friends to no avail, and went back to my bed with my computer. After a lot of soul searching, I finally watched Chuck in 2D.

That was a big day – went outside a little, tried to search for something on the internet, ate three meals, took a shower – I was quite productive.


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