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Why the internet seems like a lot of work

Most people find my blog because they know me or whatever, but some lost internet souls find my blog via searching for stuff online. WordPress offers the blog-owner the option to see the terms that were searched for that led said lost internetians to my blog. These are a few of my favorites:

1) tits. Brilliant. I don’t know how many pages that one lonely dude (or chick) had to search through to get to my blog by searching for tits. I can’t imagine that my page is one of the top clicked on pages for tits. Maybe if I write tits more, people will visit my site.

2) porn jizz movies. Yet again. Also, that person must have been sorely dissapointed. No cumshots here. Sorry.

3) “nick jonas” macalester college. I wrote about Nick Jonas once. Also, who is searching for Nick Jonas and Macalester College? Man, my alma mater has gone down hill.

4) bitches backpacks minnesota tina. Bitches I get. Backpacks I remember typing. Minnesota I type a fair amount. Tina I did not type. Also what went through that person’s mind to search for “bitches backpacks minnesota tina?” I like to think that there is someone out there who hates some tina girl who lives in Minnesota and wears backpacks all the time. Or, someone wanted a site about a girl named tina, but they wanted them to be catty toward other people and call them bitches all the time, but only toward people who have backpacks and live in Minnesota.

5) I’m not sure how this linked to me. Maybe google has a new feature that can track how the author feels about themselves when they are typing. I can’t wait to start getting people who search for ihatethati’

As much as I find it weird that people got to my blog via these search terms, I’ve gotten to some weird places via some weird links. Recently I’ve discovered my new favorite source of entertainment. These people are for real. And it scares me. But I’m still laughing. So that’s good.

6/26: I have an update of search terms being used to find my blog:

a) horny old school rap song – I’m glad this person found my website. They deserved it.

b) i hate maine – It’s true.

c) the gilmore girls selfish bitches? – The answer: I’m not sure, but they are annoying.

d) forced faggot training – Wow. Amazing. I have no words for all that is incredible about this.

e) i rather have one good friend than a bunch of bitches – I’m sorry for this lone soul. And I hope that s/he found a friend in me. Though I am also a bunch of bitches, so … eek.

f) My name– YAY! Someone is out there googling my name, and finding things about me. It’s step one in my path towards fame.


3 thoughts on “Why the internet seems like a lot of work

    • h2money says:

      While I don’t quite understand what you are saying through all the spelling/grammar errors, I take your words of discontent as evidence that I must be doing good work.

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