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Why reading H2$’s blog seems like a lot of work

This blog entry was not written by me. You will be able to tell by the use of words outside a 4th grader’s vocabulary, the lack of typos and grammatical errors, and the non-use of the word “jizz.” This blog entry was written by “The Deejay.” In the midst of my rampant popularity, (I broke 100 hits yesterday, and a blog has now been created solely to summarize my blog [as well as some fancydouche’s]) I figured I’d let another writer take a crack at analyzing my unremarkable rise to unremarkable heights. um… Here it is:

I love H2$. He’s one of my favorite people in the world. I think he is incredibly funny and talented, and he’s one of the few people on earth I think really truly understands how comedy and humor shape our society and values.
That being said, I would fear for my children if I knew H2$ would be around them. H2$ is not a role model: his penchant for half-beards, tacky clothes, and lack of interior monologue makes for a great chilling buddy…but it strikes fear into me that he may have to deal with serious situations that involve actual human emotions. He is unpredictable in a way that scares even my jaded sense of decency.

So when I read H2$’s blog, I am naturally confused. The tone H2$ affects seems genuine… a kind of blunt, written alter-ego. His blog posts are rambly…they are filled with great gems and nuggets of social critique (and references to myself, which I love), but they come at the price of excessive wordiness and an inability to adhere to a stated thesis.

His is a blog that seems a tad nihilistic, a little egotistical, and a whole mustard jar full of observational distaste. I like using the word “social critique” because ultimately that’s what people like H2$ are: they don’t seem to have many overarching philosophies regarding their opinions, but they know what is offensive to their sense of fairness, morality, and above all, personal motivation. H2$ is the Lord Chesterfield of the 21st century: well-read, witty, a tad charismatic, but always with an articulate cynicism that speaks to the individual’s ultimate inability to change anything.

H2$’s blog character lives in a small world: it is filled with movies, television shows, and the interactions of an extended circle of friends who illuminate what is a bland, meandering cityscape. It is a courser, looser Seinfeldian voice: annoyed by short-comings of others, and yet, a perverse and exacting science abounds in his blog.

To tease out these traits, is, as you might imagine, a lot of work. H2$ makes his laziness incredibly difficult to navigate…his voice is at once quick to the point but slow as molasses in showing why the point matters. You can call that a thesis, which is something H2$ can appreciate.

There is considerable hope amongst the followers of H2$’s blog that he continues…like most blogs (and most comedy) it is filled with hits and misses…but it is that sum of hits that at the end of the day makes for a compelling read amongst the so-called blogosphere.

I myself don’t blog…I really don’t enjoy the “throw-away-edness” of each post, and how little revision and craft goes into each one generally. But H2$’sblog is like great literature in one way: you have to work at it to unearth the true meaning. And for that, H2$’s blog is deserving of the endeavor.

I end with a quote of my supposed mind-doppelganger:

“Advice is seldom welcome, and those who need it the most, like it the least.” -Lord Chesterfield

I love any time people talk about me in any form, therefore I must need very little advice.


3 thoughts on “Why reading H2$’s blog seems like a lot of work

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  2. bernie says:

    This is amazing, Nisse….

    And while you need very little advice, I will continue to give it to you. Because I love you.

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