Why moving out seems like a lot of work

I have such a fucking busy day today. I have to move out by the end of tomorrow, so I want to clean out my room today. I’m wearing dirty boxer shorts for the third day in a row, so I want to do laundry. I have to tutor my kids today, and I want to go get the post-test from the agency today. I got rejected from a job in New York, so I’m looking to apply to some more, meaning I have to write a cover letter today. Fringe just got put up on Hulu, so I have to watch that.

I’m definitely watching Fringe. I don’t even like the show. I’m gonna try to eat today. The rest of that shit can wait. I’ll do my laundry, and clean up tomorrow. I’ll make up a post-test to give to my kid on the bus today. I’ll forget to write a cover letter until my applications are due. Instead I’m gonna type on this blog. This blog will be my saviour from work.

I also slept an extra two hours today because I was scared that if I got up and put on pants, I would be forced to start on all the work that I should be doing. Luckily I have the ability to find other things to do. I’ll probably play a game of Madden soon. Tomorrow will suck though.

Cleaning out my room isn’t nearly the daunting task it should be though because I had the forethought to think of the pain this day would provide. So, I never unpacked. I moved in three months ago and decided to just continue living out of my duffel bag. In fact I haven’t unpacked since August 31st when I moved out of my last apartment. Now, packing up just involves throwing a handful of clothes into a duffel bag and the rest of the shit that won’t fit into a large cardboard box. That seems easy enough, right. Wrong. That little bit of work has been tormenting my mind for weeks now, and is only getting worse as the advent of my departure comes upon me. 

This is why I need money, if I had money I could get someone else to pack up for me. God, I’m jealous of the rich and wasteful.


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