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My Community

I’m trying to sell my fridge. For some reason the girl who lived in my room before me felt a need to keep her groceries separate from the other two members of my apartment. My theories are that she was embarrassed about her love of cajun style tofu, she was a vampire, or she was using it as a make shift air conditioner with the fan. Since I am neither full of shame, a bloodsucker, or hot I want to get rid of this large white block that is serving only as a table for my sparse belongings.

I originally thought about moving my food over to my fridge so that I could have the ability to never leave my bed, put on pants, or live a functional life, but then my food became another one of my belongings that was sparse. It didn’t seem worthwhile to keep a whole refrigerator plugged in for my block of cheese, corn tortillas and jalapenos.

I re-setup my room to make the white table into a centerpiece that tied the room together, but the dusty back grate was not the best image to see as I was attempting to go to sleep. So now I’m trying to sell my centerpiece to one of the members of my community – my community being the people of craigslist.

I belong to a group of people who spend decahours online looking for free chairs, look for a sexual partner that want to post pictures of their penises on the internet, and look for job listings that accentuate their importance via ALL CAPS!!!!!! I like this community. We all are desperate. We are all looking. And what we are desperate looking for is separated into little cliques via easily clickable tabs. I get my haircut from the people in my community. I get my furniture from people in this community. I get money from people in this community for my tutoring abilities. I attempted to give free therapy to this community. I find places to live through this community.

By submitting that we are pathetic enough to get stuff from some random person we are already a part of a self-deprecating crowd of people needing something from someone else. If you use craigslist enough, you end up giving stuff too. I’ve given away free furniture because I’ve gotten free furniture. Someday I will go on craigslist and get a tutor for my kid. Someday I will offer a job via craigslist. Because these are people I respect. These are dreamers, these are lovers, these people are creative, these people are reasonable, these people know what they want, these are people willing to put themselves out there, these are people.


2 thoughts on “My Community

  1. h2money says:

    I just sold my fridge. And I’m gonna go get free agave nectar and toothpaste that I found on craigslist. I love you, community of mine

  2. syreetawilkins says:

    I dont think that getting stuff from random people is pathetic. If you were to go to a furniture store or an employment agency, you would be getting your stuff from random people that don´t give a shit anyway, and just paying way too much for it to make up for that random person´s salary.

    Unless of course you start building your own furniture and sewing your own clothes, and resigning yourself to unemployment and non-compensation, but even then you would have to find someone to have sex with you at some point.

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