Gender, Indignant

Take Me

My roommate is a fucking moron. He has on different occasions told me that he thinks the Jersey Shore girl deserved to be punched, joked on the square that women shouldn’t have been given the right to vote, and told me that he is at the point where any 19 year old who isn’t obese he finds attractive. I almost cried after seeing that Jersey Shore episode, have fantasized about Susan B. Anthony, and want my 19 year old girls to be Sean Kingston in drag.

The hardest part about it is that he is well read and has and continues to find resources meant to increase his knowledge. I always assumed that when presented with the evidence of the world people would come to the correct conclusion – people who were ignorant were just that; ignorant. But my roommate has a signed copy of his XKCD book sitting next to his Art of Sexuality book. He discusses his trip to meet the author of this nerd-mecca-comic as a journey to try to get some nerdy pussy.

I’ve never seen him with a woman. He’s had friends come over and one time one of those friends was female, but they were obviously not sleeping together. He talks about the sex he’s having pretty constantly, yet I live with him and have seen him playing Modern Warfare more than I’ve seen him practicing his own brand of Pussy Warfare.

He’s a fireman who when he found out I bought tofu and soymilk told me that “if I were to bring that shit into the firehouse people would give me such shit because all they eat there is steak.” I pretended I didn’t understand and bragged to him that I’d eaten more varieties of tofu than he’d even heard of.

I think he wants to learn though. Through his diatribes on how the poor are a waste of space and resources, the Iraqis need to be bombed for their oil, and neighborhoods full of minorities should be razed to the ground, I truly believe that he is looking for a way out of this philosophy. He’s the reason we open our apartment to couch-surfers and he reads a lot. This should mean that he’s educated and willing to share (aka socialist). Maybe his upbringing has lead him to a racist, misogynist, lifestyle of hating the poor, but with a little H2$ influence he’s gonna be marching on the streets of Washington demanding abortion be included in universal health care.


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