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Am I Cute?

The show went great, thanks for asking.

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about performance, as I’ve gotten back on stage a fair amount recently, I want to analyze a performance very different from anything I’ve ever done. I will attempt to write my thoughts as I think them as I watch the video without pausing for any reason. You should attempt to read as you watch.

Here’s a link to the video.

Why is Feist speaking French? Oh this is a french show. She is very cute. I hate that she’s so cute. Why are those people watching so awkwardly with no back rest, is that Dustin Hoffman? They would have froze on him longer if it were, he’s a bigger celebrity than Feist. Right? Maybe not. He’s definitely not as cute.

I hate that I think she’s cute, it’s like giving up on my morals. Ooh other instruments! Is that that dude from that shitty movie that I had to watch on a plane? It totally was! Maybe it was d-hoff before. It was. It is! What’s going on? Why are these celebrities judging a different celebrity in a different field of art?

She just defines cute, like she created the word cute. She isn’t pictured next to the definition, they just use her picture as a definition. you have to respect her for that. She even, sort of performs in theater in the round with people who are sort of ugly as her back up. I can’t tell if Dustin Hoffman really liked it or he is really unimpressed. Why can’t she open her eyes? Probably because that would make her less cute because she would now be aware of the world around her.


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