Gender, Socialism

Subway Writing 1

I write on the subway and I thought I’d share with you some of it (unedited) and then share with you my thoughts about my writing and what it says about me.

Two pigeons went to grab the same piece of bread. They then pecked at each other. Then they fought. They spent the rest of the time I waited for the subway lifting their wings and swirling their necks as they attempted to peck each other’s eyes out. Meanwhile another bird flew in and ate the piece of bread that they had been fighting over.

I hate when people blame shit on “human nature” or that “we are animals at heart.” This is what animals do. Shouldn’t we strive above that? The most common use of this is when talking about guys being aggressive and women being passive. I don’t mean the extreme cases, but more the concept that the man is the hunter and the woman the prey. When we just chalk up a man’s agency and woman’s lack thereof to animal instincts we are offering ourselves an excuse to not attempt to change. A change that would be beneficial – a change that wouldn’t keep us fighting while someone else ate the bread we could have shared.

My thoughts: I guess I can’t write without things turning into a rant relating socialism to gender norms. This also made me remember how when I was younger I had a hard time remembering the definitions of the word predator and prey. I always mixed them up. I think that that should have been the first sign that there was gender confusion to come. Maybe also the time that I asked my mom if she could help me shave my armpits so that I looked prettier in my purple jumpsuit.


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