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Time Machines

My phone fell into a bucket of water that was meant to be drank out of instead of spilled in to. It works fine except that the screen displays fun bright lights instead of a screen of useful information. It has transported me back to a time when you had to remember people’s numbers, “Hello?” was a question, and if you wanted to “hang out” you had to talk as opposed to type. This happened about a week ago.

I finally went to the AT&T store only to find that I needed a piece of information from my parents. Restart. I got off work at 2pm and went to the AT&T store that is two blocks away at 5pm. During those three hours I watched clips of the latest late night feud between conan and leno and nbc and anyone else who has a TV show. None of them were interesting.

My parents are in my mother’s native land of Sweden right now so when I needed information from them I couldn’t contact them because of the 6 hour time advance (yup, that’s what it’s called in my mind). If I had gone after work like I said I was going to I could have contacted them before they fell asleep, but now I am stuck with this non-time telling flashlight that vibrates with the requests of unknown persons for another day.

I don’t mind how my laziness has affected me though, because my laziness has given me a time machine to my high school years. A time when cell phones weren’t had by all and weren’t as multi-functional as they are now. A time when sex was a distant but constant dream for me. A time when the only way I understood how to output my rage toward humanity was to dress in women’s clothing.


I need to get my phone fixed. Time machines are terrible.


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