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A Plea against Genocidication

Too many times I have heard that women are evolutionarily attracted to strong men and men are evolutionarily attracted to blonde chicks with huge gazooogies. Evolution died. I’m not saying that Darwin was or is wrong – I think it’s pretty obvious that we have evolved to the point we are based on biological evolution, but now we’ve discovered evolution so it’s time to take charge of it.

With self-awareness comes responsibility and now that we are self-aware about how evolution changes our biology we can change our biology ourselves without standing idly by and blaming biological responses for our shallowness, gender normification, and genocide. That’s right, Genocide. Most genocide is ethnic cleansing of some sort, right? It is. Well what is ethnic cleansing but the survival of the fittest. We are pitting people with one distinct difference against each other and finding out which group is best at living. This is what evolution is, just typically nature is the enemy instead of each other. Yet, if the rest of humanity is a part of nature, which I think it is, then you must count other ethnic groups attempting to rub you out a part of nature testing your validity to live – aka: evolution.

I’m not saying that we should excuse the holocaust, or the Darfurian genocide, or the millions of other examples of ethnic cleansing. Quite the opposite. What I’m saying is that every time you decide a woman is more worthwhile to talk to because of her ample bosom and child bearing hips or you pick a man because of his ability to find food for you via his strong muscles you are committing a form of genocide.

I repeat: Sleep with me if you want to stop what’s happening in Darfur.


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