Attention Whoring, Gender, Indignant

On Why I Victimize Myself and Titles

I realize I’ve never explained my obnoxious choice of title for my blog.

It was chosen during a time when I was playing a character – a character of me. H2$. He was a man of the present. His laziness was a product of not thinking about his future, and his defense of words like “bitch” and “slut” was a product of his lack of understanding of the past – of historical precedent. No matter how gender neutrally he used these words, interpretation was important and an audience sees the word bitch as being associated with the female.

I think we all see that, but we don’t all see why that’s offensive – we get emotionally charged when we hear the word without understanding the logic behind these emotions, and there is logic behind them. My use of “Bitches” in the title was meant to immediately revolt the reader to get them ready to argue against whatever hypocritical points I was about to make because the title was both dumb and annoying as well as sexist simply by use of the word. Obviously the blog wasn’t meant specifically for women so the word was being used as a gender neutral term of endearment for my audience. Therefore it was defensible in H2$’s present thinking mind, it was emotionally annoying in a way that was meant to charge the mind ready for arguing action.

I’m throwing myself under the bus emotionally and I want you to run me over. That’s a good way of summing up my life.


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