Oh the Indignance

I hate the phrase “it’s the principle of the thing.” I am a purveyor of indignant rants, and that phrase is the sign of a weak hearted, not thought out, lackluster one. There are no things that should be changed that can be relegated to simply an issue of principle.

I was out to eat recently with a friend of a friend who spent the entire lunch describing the ways in which he knew more about everything than you could possibly know. This fact was only made worse by the fact that his evidence to back up any of his claims was false anecdotal evidence made up to support the opposite of whatever anyone else at the table said. At the end of our meal we received a bill for our food. Included in the bill was a three cent charge for “rounding.” This charge allowed the bill to be rounded up to the nearest 10 cent amount so that the waiters didn’t have to deal with pennies or nickles at all. They would simply charge you that extra three cents so that your change would be easier to handle and you wouldn’t lose any money because you were going to tip that amount anyway.

“This is bullshit.” The douchebag complained. I explained why this process was done. Explained that it harmed no one and only served to help people. He realized that there was no reasonable reason for him to be mad. “It’s the principle of the thing.”

No, it’s not. It’s the stubborness of you. If you want to be indignant, go ahead, I’m not one to stop you, but if you are going to rant, rant. Don’t use the easy way out of not having to defend your position because you are claiming that you don’t have a reason it’s simply this undefinable principle that is maddening you. It is like claiming: “I realize I’m being completely irrational, but I’m being completely irrational.” That doesn’t make it better. At least my second phrase there is an element of self awareness. Claiming anger based on principle also gives the indignant douchenugger a feeling of pride – it allows him/her to think they have a reasonable answer for their stubborn anger.

Your giving my people, the indignant, a bad name.


One thought on “Oh the Indignance

  1. I’ve always disliked, “No offense, but…”

    Really? Thanks for saying no offense man…I almost got insulted when you called me ugly and worthless.

    The list goes on. I’m sure if you gave it more thought you’d come up with a hundred more. “I don’t mean to interrupt, but…” is another good one.

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