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Am I Pedo? No Just Learning

One of my most popular blog posts is  one I titled “Fucking Children.” It is a very funny entry that details my insecurities of being seen as a child. That’s not the reason it’s one of my most popular posts. The reason is that it is titled “Fucking Children” and there are a lot of perverts on the internet.

I spent yesterday’s beautiful sunlight sitting and sweating in central park as I watched children play. I was sweating because I accidentally wore a sports coat. I didn’t accidentally wear it, that’s misleading. I put it on, went outside, realized its inappropriateness, was too lazy to go back in and suffered the rest of the day. I was watching children because I found it mildly arousing.. ehem… interesting.

I saw a group of kids spend ten full minutes discussing what sound they were going to make in order to indicate that they were starting their game of soccer. I saw a kid get distracted from his game of “throw the paper plate” by a stick on the ground that he then hit the ground with for 20 minutes. I saw a kid get angry because his friends refused to play tag with him and scream back through tears: “You just want to make up your own game and be king! Well I hate you!”

They are so useless, and their arguments are useless, and their frustrations are useless. But we allow it because we assume that all of this useless energy is helping them learn. I agree. It is helping them learn.

What about us? More importantly, what about me? Why can’t I spend 20 minutes discussing the rules to soccer instead of playing it? Why can’t I bash a stick into the ground for a half hour? Why can’t I cry when people don’t want to play tag? I’m not annoying, childish and useless. I’m just learning.


One thought on “Am I Pedo? No Just Learning

  1. You are aware that when sitting in a park you are totally allowed to take off your sport coat. Or when you’re just walking around you can take it off and carry it. I’m just saying.

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