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Your Safe Space is Stupid

Okay, I get it. Despite all of my attempts and my desires, I don’t have a vagina. I get that you need a safe space to discuss issues that I’m not allowed to be a part of.

Fuck safe spaces.

I really agree with the concept of safe spaces. I create safe spaces all the time in my groups of friends where I can discuss a certain neurosis of mine with others that have that same upbringing that caused that neurosis, and I think that that has been very helpful in allowing me to understand myself.

Your fear of others is not a safe space.

I went to a college obsessed with the concept of safe spaces. Safe spaces are inherently¬†segregatory – that’s an important part of a safe space, but segregation is dangerous when you start valuing it over integration. You lose your perspective on the world. You lose your ability to communicate with people outside of that safe space. You lose your mind.

I am far from insisting that people need to conform to society, but they need to understand the society that they are refusing to conform to. If you refuse to interact with society, you don’t know what the argument against it is.

Big conclusion: I hate society so much that I submerge myself into it. Do like me, c’mon, I’m happy.


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