Lazy, Lonely, Pathetic


I never truly turn my computer off. I put it to sleep, but when it awakens everything is right where I left it. I like this, because I never have to put something away, which also means I never have to be done with it. Right now I have 8 tabs up on my google chrome window. The first is my gmail so that I can constantly pretend I’m connected to the world. The second is this tab for my blog so that I can pretend the world is connected to me. The third is the sketch show I just wrote so that I can memorize my lines. I read over it once yesterday then got distracted by the fact that my roommate has xbox 360 and NBA2K. The next is the instructions for how to apply to write for this blog I found and want to write for. It involves explaining what I want to write. I’ll do that when I have time. The next is instructions on how to apply to a sketch comedy festival I want to apply to. I’ll do that when I have time. The next is a job at College Humor that I want to apply to. That one involves a cover letter. I don’t have time to write something that matters. The next is the Moth website to remind myself to think of a spring themed story to tell on Monday. I don’t have a story yet because I don’t have time. The last tab is the one that will disappear first. Not because I like it least, quite the opposite. It is because that is the only tab who’s task will be completed by the end of the night. It is my hulu queue.

My bottom task bar is also full. Full with stories that I’m “working on,” scripts that I “need to edit,” and people’s phone numbers and important information that I received while sans paper and pencil but not sans the computer in my lap. I have 3 untitled Notepad documents open. My computer is my life, and my life seems pretty unfinished, but that’s the way I like it. I figure if it’s unfinished that means that I got shit to do in order to finish it. Sure. That seems like a very flawed but reasonable defense to make myself feel less guilty for spending the next two hours watching Fringe and Flash Forward.


2 thoughts on “Tabs

  1. Wes says:

    I’m trying really hard to overcome such things with some, albeit limited, success.

    NBA2K? You mean like NBA2K10 or something?

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