Gender, Indignant, Socialism

A Woman’s Right to Get Drunk and Big Government

So, let’s start with this, and realize that I’m gonna make it about socialism.

It feels like every other week there is some other bucket of doucheliquid claiming that date rape is the woman who gets raped’s fault, and this one isn’t all that different. The big difference is that he is a homosexual and at the end of the video he says: “In the real world there are risks, there are dangers, and as adults we have to be responsible for the situations we put ourselves in. … I’m a gay man. In a perfect world I would be able to walk down a rural Mississippi neighborhood holding a guy’s hand. In the world that I live in, I know that this is risky behavior.”

This makes me sad.

Let me try to elucidate what his point is (which is the same point every other inflammatory woman hater who wrote an article in his school newspaper because he thinks some girl is being annoying to his male friend who tried to get her too drunk to say no). He believes that since women are physically weaker than men for the most part and we live in a society that demands that males have the obligation to make the first move in a heterosexual relationship that when a woman gets too sloppy drunk to be able to defend herself properly, she is putting herself in a vulnerable position. If you combine that with a woman who talks to men and likes to flirt, she is bound to have a guy think that she wants to get with him, but since she can’t make the first move the agency falls on the man. Therefore it is not necessarily acceptable, but understandable when the man gets confused and tries to get with her against her will.

Ok, so lets get the easily problematic elements out of the way and then we will talk about socialism. First of all, this implies that men have absolutely no control over their desires to have sex, and once they start they can’t stop attempting to penetrate. Secondly, this attempts to say that rape is a product of two people as opposed to one, but then pushes all the blame onto the woman. Thirdly, it implies that rape is a product of two people, yet admits fully that men are given all sexual agency in our society. If you are given full agency, you are also given full responsibility.

He’s a gay man who, despite the fact that he completely misunderstands rural southern towns, is fearful of the people in our country who don’t like him or his choices. His reaction to that is to hide and say, “well, I guess I’ll just look for people who like me better.” That’s boring and makes him a worthless human being. Good humans see problems with the world and they speak out against them. Which is funny, because that’s exactly what he thinks he’s doing. He thinks he’s speaking for the underrepresented mis-accused date-rapists – attempting to change college culture so that women can’t get drunk instead of speaking up for gay people so that they can hold hands in rural Mississippi. I think he chose a stupid battle. Though he did get on the Early Show, so maybe he’s smarter than I am.

Here’s the big problem. We can say that there are two options: we can accuse a couple men of rape when they did nothing wrong, or accuse a lot of women of being crazy when they had horrible life changing experiences. The choice seems obvious unless you just don’t care about women having rights. One of the main arguments against growing government is that it is easier to take advantage of the government than it is to take advantage of a business out for profit – that fraud ends up costing the American people oodles of money. This may be accurate. The other option is that we open it up to free market and what we see is that when the people who control stuff are out for money as opposed to popularity (which is what democratically elected officials insure) then they find ways to screw over people on a mass scale (Madoff, Enron, etc…) I would much rather live with a couple of “welfare-queens” buying fake nails with their food checks than a couple high powered executives starting wars that kill millions so that they can post better profits in their weapon sector.

The point is that you will always be able to find shitty people on both sides of any argument, you just have to decide which shitty people you are more comfortable with getting their way.


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