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MaleBox Bashing

I’m tired of being told that women hate men. Or feminists hate men. Or really that any large group of people hates men. As a man who is hated by women (and men), I know a little something about being hated, and us penis-holders are not hated.

Lately I’ve been following the growing popularity of Male Studies because of friend/comedian/blogger, and every day I get more frustrated. This causes me to delve deeper into my research so that I can hopefully become as frustrated as a person can be. I then found this article. Granted, it was written in 1994, so I take everything with a grain of salt – or whatever they used to sodiumize their food in the ancient 90s.

This article is very emblematic of the rest of the male studies. It states that men are all being called the purveyors of hatred toward women and that all men have subjugated women to lesser roles, while simultaneousnessly men are being subjugated to the role of fatter, slobbier fuckhead by all women.

Again: They are getting mad because they are being lumped together as the reason for sexism, yet they lump together all women as the reason for sexism. Let’s put aside the rediculously obvious hypocrisy and try to find some argument that doesn’t sound like the pathetic cries of a six year old who is slowly realizing that his complaints don’t make any sense because arguing against this hypocrisy is as worthless as discussing the reflexive property. Let’s pretend that they (and when I say they I do not mean all men, but rather all 4 people  it supposedly too to put together this massive piece of rotting idiocy) are arguing that women have created the male gender role that defines men as the less attractive, grosser, less worthwhile sex that must do the work and pay the bills. Or as they say:

“People come in two models: Women (good, nice) and Men (the heavier, hairier life form).”

Also keep in mind that women have propagated the idea that all men are responsible for the demeaning gender roles that have been placed on women that only supposedly create an environment where women get less money and more sexual assault. The article uses a novel as evidence that women are blaming all men. Yes. They use a quote from a character in a novel who is disgusted with men in the 1950s as evidence that men are now the bad guys. I understand that it’s hard to not resort to the easy rebuttal that this argument is just blaming women for exactly what they are doing themselves, but try to understand how they feel.

They feel as if they live in a matriarchy controlled by an unseen, not truly tangible force that speaks only to the needs of women.

“We are at the tail end of the deconstruction of patriarchy, which has been going on since the turn of the century. The last acceptable villain is the prototypical white male.”

Which they later go on to say is actively harmful because all successful societies have been patriarchies not matriarchies – despite that there has never been a modern matriarchy to give this statistic any validation, but back to how they feel.

They feel like their point of view is perceived as silly and worthless because representations in TV and movies of people with similar genitalia are typically silly and worthless. They feel like to fight back they have to fight back against an entires system and not just one woman in power. So they blame all women. They get angry and frustrated that their point of view will not be heard and they resort ot rash generalizations hoping that by being offensive and provocative at least people will listen. They point out the roles they are supposed to play and cry out that “those roles don’t define me!”

So that’s somewhat understandable, right?

If women were the one’s creating these gender roles seen on TV – In 2005 only 19% of film writers were women, and in 2006/07 only 28% of television writers*. If women were the ones making the laws – Only 16.8% of voting members of the house and 15.3% of the senate are women* (This ties us with the Muslim country of Turkmenistan). If women controlled the money that funded these laws and gender roles – Women earn 73.4% of what men do*. If any of these statements were true, then this would be an understandable, if not completely reasonable response. In other words: If they were women, this argument would make sense. But until they stop desiring to be the victims that women actually are, I’m not gonna stop wanting to kick them square in the vagina they so obviously wish they had – I’m going to continue to want to go MaleBox Bashing. Who wants to join me?


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