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Fartin’ Fetus

I find myself often struck with having to make the decision as to whether something is horrifying or hilarious. I can thank horrifyingly hilarious comedian/blogger who has a show tonight for vaguely leading me to this image:

It’s horrifying that they prey on our emotional attachment to cute things to convince us of a political stance that has nothing to do with that thing that is so cute. This is a fetus. It is not a cute little baby. Beyond that, it is trivializing the importance of the person birthing that fetus – it says nothing of the life she has and how she would like to vote. There’s another side to this. What if the ad said “Six year olds vote for more cookies.” I’m sure this is something that most six year olds would agree to, but this is why we don’t let six year olds vote – because our taxpayer money should not be funneled into amusement parks and juiceboxes. This is why my idea for a child rights poster is stupid. Similarly, an unborn baby voting is silly. They can’t hold a pen, and they definitely can’t walk into a voter’s booth. Is that baby writing on the inner lining of its mother’s womb, and how did it get a highlighter, and its eyes are closed how does it know what its voting, and how is anyone else gonna know, is someone gonna go up there with some camera and check what it voted for, and is that invasive, and how much does that cost, and is that gonna be funded by taxpayer money, and what if the procedure hurts the baby, what if it causes the unborn baby to die? Well that would be the most ironic death ever.

Also: “Unborn Baby.” When you look up baby on Wikipedia it redirects you to infant. That’s because babies are born, you can’t have an unborn baby. It makes it sound like they are zombies in backwards land on opposite day. I’ve taken the liberty of correcting some of their errors in my new version of their advertisement:

Or, we could just try to combine all of their hypocritical views into one:


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