Xtreme Living

I have lay down in multiple places today. That’s felt good. That’s also about all I’ve done today. That also felt good. I found a new site to quiz myself in geography and I realized I had crackers and cheese. That kept me in my bed for a majority of the day. And it kept me satisfied.

People say that I am easily aggravated, which is true. People also assume that that means I am not easily satisfied. That is not true.

Ericson may be my middle name, but if my middle name were a word that described aspects of my personality as opposed to just being my mother’s maiden name it would be Contradiction. Maybe it would be Starburst because of those commercials, but I think that connection is too vague. I love contradicting myself, but I consider this different than hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is when you believe something but then act in a way that contradicts those beliefs. Living through contradiction is just acting upon extremes of both sides of an issue. Contradiction is the opposite of moderation, and I hate moderation. If you are gonna do something, do all of it. Then also do the opposite hardcore.

These are words of advice from a man who decided that laying in Prospect Park was too much work because he forgot a hat and instead returned to the comfort of his bed full of crumbs, so take it with a grain of salt – or a grain of spelt that you find in my sheets.


3 thoughts on “Xtreme Living

  1. meatball says:


    0+contradictingcontradicting+ (-moderation)-0=



  2. meatball says:

    i just realized i spelled intrique, as in a 1999 oldsmobile. brilliant.

    the answer is a 1999 oldsmobile.

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