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I Guess I’m Okay With Capitalism

First of all, you should all check out my real writing gig and like it or share it or digg it or tweet it or shirk it or jazz it or starburst it or whatever.

Secondly people hate getting made fun of. People like getting supported. People think these are in opposition. They are not. In my ideal world (aka: THE ideal world) everybody would get supported and made fun of. No, everybody would take insult as a form of support. I’ve said before that I my desire for attention does not often spill over into a desire to be liked. If people are paying attention to the fact that I’m talking/doing/being that is compliment enough and they need not show their support with facebook comments like: “YAY!!!” or “I ❤ U” or “Whooo! Good! Positive!” I’m not saying that I hate that. I love hearing that people like my stuff too, I’m just saying that that isn’t the point (Except when I’m getting paid sort of based on how much people tweet/like/starburst my stuff).

Criticism is great. I love being told the flaws in what I do – sometimes it pushes me to do better, sometimes it pushes me further toward the thing that was supposedly hated, but either way it pushes me and I like to push it. Which reminds me that I am abnormally attracted to Salt-N-Pepa.

My last entry was about how I hated pretty much all of my friends because they are posers who only pretend to like the World Cup because it has the word “World” in it. Take it as a compliment because at least I’m paying attention to you. This is the one thing I like about capitalism: That buying something is your mark of support, not telling people you like it. You can buy something and pretend you hate it, but you are still supporting the creator with your purchase. Capitalism fucks over irony.


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