Attention Whoring, Lazy

I Write Therefore I Are

These are the things I’m “writing:”

1. A Novel

2. A Book of Short Stories

3. A Play

4. A Sketch Show

Here is what I am writing:

1. A Blog Entry About How I’m Not Writing The Things I Need To Be Writing

I think the reason that math resonated with me so much at such a young age was because the journey involved a conclusion. I was always working toward a goal – and I accomplished that goal. When you write a term paper, you could always go back and edit it and make it better, but when you discovered the reason that you could prove that two angles were congruent, they were congruent – that was the end of the game.

My blog entries are like math in that they end when I finish writing them. I don’t even go back and read/edit. I just spit them out and there they are. My novel is long. My play can always be fixed. My book of short stories only has half a book of short stories and I don’t know what stories are left. My sketch show is barely started. These have no end in sight and therefore I do not work toward an end. Seeing is believing and without believing than there is no doing because I do therefore I am. Something like that.

Here I can quickly rant against some sexist shit I see, or complain about how far away everything that isn’t in my bed is, or subtly imply that not enough people want to sleep with me without having to think and there will be a beginning and an end. It gets posted on the internet and that is its end goal. Bigger projects have no conclusion – I don’t get to reap the benefits of my 1/4 finished novel.

I don’t have an ending to this entry.

Come to Storytelling at Perch tonight.


One thought on “I Write Therefore I Are

  1. moop says:

    i agree. that is why I liked math when I was a wee child. i loved getting the end result and moving onto the next. unfortunately, i am more creative than mathetive. this is my neverending conflict with the arts. they can always be improved upon. someone is always going to love your work. and someone is always going to hate it. similar to the way i hate your blog.
    x to the o.

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