Lazy, Pathetic

Why doing stuff seems like a lot of work

I got back into Yahoo! Answers the other day while hanging out with a friend.  We sat on couches eating pizza and answering people’s questions about Math and relationships instead of going out.

We made our original goal to try to improve my friends rating by getting the most best responces. This involved a deep analysis of which questions were most likely to result in that award. We decided on a question about Nick Jonas (We’re John M). Then we moved on to some math questions that we answered honestly. Then we got to a math problem that seemed difficult to answer without a visual aid. So we drew a picture in Microsoft Paint. But you can’t post pictures on Yahoo! Answers, so we had to create a blog with our answer posted as an entry. This was where it started to go downhill. We no longer answered math questions. Only questions about vegetarianism and pregnancy.

Also I started cooking fun foods. I made cactus salsa, and a cactus curry. The first was much better than the second. Now that I’ve made that cactus salsa, it looks like I’m having corn tortillas for the next 2 weeks strait. I cooked for like an hour. That means I get a break for a while. I’m not cooking for a month.

As you can see, I’ve stayed busy. Even if I don’t have a job to go to consistantly, or a girlfriend to see regularly, or a desire to shower often, I can find things to do. And I find them useful.


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