Why racism seems like a lot of work

My computer is being a bitchfuck right now and not allowing power to fuel its electrical addiction. This means that I’ve been spending all day in one of the private rooms at Macalester’s Humanities Resource Center. In order to get one of these rooms I have to use a student ID. So I use my expired one from when I used to go to Macalester. It’s not legal, but it does allow me a private room to do my computer shit all day. The only problem is that I can’t bring food into the computer room. That’s frustrating.

In order to justify the fact that I’m taking up one of these editing rooms with my laziness, I’ve started making videos. I first started by just trying to mash up YouTube videos in a funny way, but that’s dumb, so I came up with a theme. This first video analyzes how racism and comedy fuel each other, and the differences between comedy that analyzes racism and comedy that furthers racism. I plan on making another one for sexism and one for homophobia soon. I’m not sure if it gets across my message, but it sure was something to do. Otherwise I’d be sitting on my bed reading or some shit.


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