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Why nostalgia seems like a lot of work

My computer be broken. The power source still won’t allow electrical power to make its necessary visit to my laptop. This has also made me more productive than I could possibly imagine. No, I didn’t get a real job. No, I didn’t write a novel or a screenplay. No, I didn’t do anything that affected the world in a positive way, but I have been cooking more. I made tortillas, curries, pasta, peanut noodles, nachos, grilled cheese, and baked beans. All delicious. Since I have to eat real meals before I leave my abode and find my way to a library or HRC computer to spend my day, I make a show of it and cook something nice.

Before I ate by alternating fistfulls of cereal, tortilla chips, and peanut butter. Now I put all three of those ingredients into a bowl, pour some soymilk over it, mash it up with a spoon and call it lunch. Before I would spend hours watching Lost, Chuck, Castle, and Better off Ted (all shows that I do not recommend to others). Now I watch endless hours of Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity on YouTube pretending that I’m doing research for some project. Before I would spend hours analyzing my Blog Stats in an effort to find some correlations to when my blog is viewed most often and recreate those events. Now I still do that, but it’s in public.

Nowadays, I call friends an annoying number of times in an effort to replace my constant companion who’s lost their ability to live on their own. So, I’ve been seeing a lot more of my friends. In doing this we have begun to reminisce of the days of yore. The days when we would all sit in the same living room with our Jimmy John’s sandwiches in our hands, computers in our laps, and pussy in our collective thoughts. Now that has become an activity separated by space – and I am here to say that separate is not equal.  So, after talking up our exploits of college, a few of us have decided to make a bracket (a la NCAA tournament)  that allows us to take a deep stroll through memory lane. In honor of our dude in Korea we have decided to pit against each other “Happiest Moment” and “Biggest Regret.” We just need to fill in each opening round game with an emotional moment from our past four and a half years.

In making these lists I found one thing strikingly clear. None of my highest ranking nostalgia-fits come from the year of your lord 2009. Not a big surprise I guess. Maybe I haven’t had enough time to process the events of the past three months. More likely though, I haven’t done shit.


2 thoughts on “Why nostalgia seems like a lot of work

  1. byproductive says:

    I identify with this post with respect to the fringe-right compulsive observation and the perpetual and fruitless analysis of the blog stats.

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