Multitasking is Hard

I don’t understand why I’m so terrible at traveling. I tend to think of it all as bad luck, but I also know that when you get such bad luck every time you travel, it must mean you are bad at it.

My flight was supposed to leave at noon which meant I would be into the twin cities by 3 pmish. As I approached the ticket counter at 10:30am I received a phone call explaining to me that my flight was cancelled due to … unexplainable reasons. Instead I would be flying to Atlanta at 4pm and then arrive in my destination that complete’s my very acute isosceles triangle’s path at midnight. A 14 hour trip.

My first plane ride’s exclamation mark was me running back to the gate panting that I left my newly bought notebook on my seat. They didn’t find it. I cried to my mother.

I tend to lose shit where ever I go. Movement takes energy. Movement takes thinking. Holding on to my stuff also takes thinking and energy. I don’t have the ability do these two things at once. I was watching TV and texting today. I should never do that again. Watching also takes a lot of energy for me. I like to invest into watching – analyze, demand to get something out of my art-voyeurism. Communicating is something I practice far too regularly to be as bad at as I am. It takes a significant amount of energy for me to form the sentences that I need to communicate the ideas that I need. Especially when I don’t have T9 and I need to type a number 10 times to use the word “fuck.”

Beyond the fact that texting is a terrible form of communication that involves a lot of work, I demand that communication take a lot of effort because I find it really important and want to invest myself to the same amount that I find it important. Let’s sum up before I keep repeating “a lot of ‘synonym for effort'” in describing everything I do even more. I can’t multitask. That’s my point. But it isn’t because I don’t have as much energy as others, it’s because I invest myself so fully into everything I do. I’m a fucking baller. I don’t really understand this conclusion, but I’m tired because music is playing and I can’t type and listen at the same time.


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